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            Water supply and drainage equipment

            HOW TO DO

            Complex composition of pollutants in industry and park?

            Existing processes cannot meet higher wastewater discharge standards?

            Insufficient capacity of sewage treatment plant?

            Strength background

            China Water Investment Co., Ltd. (HHO), a subsidiary of the Ministry of Water Resources, is a national-level professional water investment and operation management company initiated by the Ministry of Water Resources and the Strategic Investor, with a registered capital of 1.2 billion yuan. The company is mainly engaged in the development and supply of raw water, interregional water transfer, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, sludge treatment, brackish water desalination, solid waste treatment and other water and environmental protection industry investment and operation management and related value-added services.

            Standardized production

            100% testing of raw materials

            The industry's first adopting precision laser cutting process

            Automatic mechanical welding technology

            Smart Remote Monitoring Center