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            Smart Environmental Industry 4.0+1

            Relying on senior technologies in the fields of Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, security, etc., ArtMai has launched a smart environmental protection industry 4.0+1 operation and maintenance model. Established complete equipment management, visual monitoring and data analysis in the equipment life cycle. Perfect equipment early warning maintenance mechanism. Safe remote control and remote assistance. It provides safe, efficient, convenient and comprehensive cloud services for the safe operation of equipment, production, energy consumption management, health management, remote guidance, and maintenance.

            In-situ intelligent control system

            Authority management

            Different people display different contents after entering the system. Improve equipment management safety. Prevent misuse

            Operation overview

            Intuitively observe the status of each component of the device. Material weight. Data such as working hours

            Curve query

            You can check the temperature. pressure. Processing data such as weight within 2 years

            Report query printing

            Query work records at any time within 2 years. Great improvement on remote fault analysis

            Alarm analysis

            After the fault occurs, the fault content and the state of the device at the time of the fault are automatically recorded.

            Remote monitoring platform

            Lists and maps

            Visually display the name and location of the device. status

            Remote control

            Set the parameters of the field device. Can also start and stop each control node of the control device

            Running curve

            Query data changes at any time

            Report management

            Query device running report at any time. Forms can be found everywhere.

            Authority management

            Assign monitoring and control rights according to different users. Equipment takes area and grade management. Improve security

            Alarm record

            When an alarm occurs on the device. The platform automatically sends fault information. And push the alarm information on the mobile phone notification bar and WeChat

            Remote operation and maintenance management

            Remote screen operation

            The device touch screen can be operated remotely.


            One-click remote assistance dialogue

            Press the button of the device for assistance and you can directly talk to the operation and maintenance department of Yimai. Convenient operator operation and supervision


            Motion detection video conversation

            Motion detection collects information about where people are entering. The operation and maintenance department's operation specifications and safety


            Remote customization program

            Can be customized remotely according to site conditions
            Program running logic


            Provide intelligent management for realizing zero equipment downtime, zero waste and zero speed loss

            With the equipment as the center, around the entire life cycle of the equipment, establish a static ledger, file information, provide inspection, inspection, maintenance, repair, maintenance, scrapping and other operational process management, support QR code scanning, NFC, RFID, Various inspection terminals such as GPRS use artificial intelligence algorithms to achieve equipment health status assessment, provide equipment maintenance strategies, and provide intelligent management solutions for equipment zero downtime, zero waste, and zero speed loss.

            Yimai series products, brands and services are guaranteed

            Fully redundant autonomous control system ensures stable and reliable system operation

            Supporting intelligent management platform, providing efficient management and maintenance tools and means