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            After-sales service

            Based on the ISO9001 quality system, Shanghai Yimai Industrial Co., Ltd. provides customers with advanced equipment, as well as more thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure the continuous reliability of users during use and provide effective solutions for customers.

            pre-sale service

            1. Promote the service concept of "according to local conditions, adapting to local conditions", according to different project site surveys, and then go out to targeted programs.

            2. According to the design data and bidding requirements, choose a reasonable equipment configuration to ensure equipment energy saving, environmental protection, economy, reliability, and stable operation.

            3. Conduct free on-site inspections and provide customers to visit the company to understand each other. Do a detailed understanding of product characteristics and installation site to reduce risks.

            Sale service

            1. Provide user operator personnel with free training to the company to ensure equipment operation, avoid misuse, and understand daily maintenance items.

            2. Cooperate with the construction party to install the equipment to ensure the connection between the equipment and the system.

            3. On-site debugging, our company will send professional debugging personnel to the site for equipment debugging and connection.

            Dedicated after-sales team

            Specialization and standardization

            Exclusive after-sales team with various types of project experience

            Based in Shanghai, radiating across the country